contemporary painting in response to the life and writing of R S Thomas

Exiled from the Chirrup and Tittle Tattle of the Day - s

Curated by Christine Kinsey the exhibition brings together works by 14 contemporary painters in Wales in response to the life and writing of R S Thomas.

The exhibition will be opened by Professor M. Wynn Thomas, Swansea University @ 2.30pm, Saturday February 1st, 2014

Participating Artists:

Kim Atkinson, Iwan Bala, Kathryn Campbell Dodd, Gareth Hugh Davies, Ivor Davies, Christine Kinsey, Robert Lawton, Mary Lloyd-Jones, Osi Rhys Osmond, William Selwyn, Meriel Jane Thomas, Catrin Webster, Emrys Williams, Sarah Williams

Rhôd in Roath / Rhôd yn y Rhath

19 October, 201320 October, 2013

Front Garden Installations at numbers 18, 20, 39, 71, 76, 91, 95 Ninian Road,  Cardiff. CF23 5EF.

Kathryn Campbell Dodd, Antonia Dewhurst, Penny Jones, Roger Lougher, Mike Murray, David Shepherd, Elizabeth Waterhouse, Jacob Whittaker

Sat 19th Oct – Sun 20th Oct, All day with guided tour each day at 2pm (meet @ no 18)

Rhôd is an annual exhibition / event that takes place in rural Wales,UK. One of the main objectives of Rhôd is to site contemporary art in rural settings. Each of the artists in the show has shown at Rhôd over the last five years and welcomes the opportunity to place their work in an urban environment at the invitation of Made in Roath.

thirteen fridays


A new project with Absent but not Forgotten

There seems to be a general consensus that both the number 13 and friday are individually unlucky so together they become disastrous.

Several stories revolve around food and meals in connection to the Friday 13 superstition, so to celebrate the two Friday 13ths in 2013 (13 weeks apart) we are creating 13 meals over 13 weeks each involving the number 13.