Margareta 802.408.07

Kathryn Campbell Dodd

Kathryn Campbell Dodd

The Garden exhibition: August 2014 – Ty Rhos Uchaf, Nevern, Pembrokeshire

‘Margareta 802.408.07’ is a site responsive work placed in a woodshed in a rambling ex-plant nursery in Pembrokeshire, west Wales which responds to four areas of stacked wood in separate bays in the space.

IKEA sell a range of boldly designed fabrics of which Margareta 802.408.07 is a striking example. In this installation I have used the fabric as soft furnishing on a series of pieces – one for each area of the shed.

The pieces are artworks, not furnishings – and for these two days the woodshed has become a gallery. In the spirit of this transformation the first day of installation was an ‘action’ in which I thoroughly tidied and swept the woodshed.

As I swept, I came to understand that this was also a gesture, a small symbolic act of solidarity with the owners, Kate and Will who have committed to bring this large property back to life after a period of neglect.

Colony 14 Cardigan, Bridge Warehouse, Teifi Wharf, Cardigan SA43 3AA

In a complimentary work showing as part of Colony 2014 Cardigan I am showing a series of covered hand tools – all of which are associated with cutting wood.